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Handy Hints and FAQ’s

Without doubt the first question people ask after ‘How much’ is, ‘Will it smell?’
Short answer – NO! Long answer – Septic Tank Systems are biological living places and need time to establish. Occasionally a slight odour can be detected until the biological activity within the unit increases. If odour persists there is a problem, contact us.

Second most asked question is, ‘What will I see?
All Treatment plants require servicing so lids and access hatches must always be clearly visible and free from plantings. Smart thinking can ensure lids are visible, accessible and discreet. If time is spent digging or scrub cutting for lids there will be an extra charge over and above the service fee.

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How much mess will be left after you have done your job?
None! The ems team are skillful and professional technicians, we take great pride in our work and we will endeavour to leave your site clean and tidy.

Will my gardens benefit from the recycled effluent?
Yes, definitely! However care must be taken to ensure;

  • enough land is set aside to prevent saturation, and
  • the correct plants are chosen to match effluent distribution requirements.
    (Click here for some fantastic examples of established gardens nurtured using recycled effluent.)
Click here to enlarge - ems Effluent Managment Systems LTD, Hastings, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Why do I need a treatment plant?
Modern effluent management systems treat the effluent to a very high standard prior to being discharged to the soil. This guarantees very low environmental impact, and ensures underground water supplies are not polluted.

Is a treatment plant my only option?
Definitely not! There are various types of systems available. At ems the wealth of experience we have gained over the years enables us to confidently tailor design a system that is specific to your requirements.

How much land is required for the effluent field
This is a very specialist area and can vary greatly according to soil types environmental status and distribution methods used. Consult us first to guarantee the best design and most appropriate use of your valuable land.

Why do Effluent Management Systems need maintenance?
Take a moment to think about what goes into a Septic tank/Treatment plant….....Yuk!!.....then to what comes out…. valuable nutrients, being regularly distributed throughout your gardens through small diameter irrigation tubing.

The components within the treatment plant and distribution system are doing some serious work and therefore definitely need looking after. Regular servicing is vital and very necessary to ensure your Effluent Management System remains an asset to your home.

How long should my new treatment plant last?
Indefinitely provided regular servicing is carried out. From time to time components and even pumps require replacement, because they are in a tough environment and simply wear out. At ems we have had years of installation and maintenance experience – good pumps, bad pumps – good switches bad switches etc. By process of elimination you can be assured that your Effluent Management System will have the best pumps and electrical components that we can source.

What Guarantees or Warrantees does the Effluent Management System have?
We can ensure bullet proof design and top quality installations however, with any electrical and pump components 12 month warrantee is the industry norm. Our suppliers cannot offer better terms simply because their parts are in sewage systems.


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