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Reliable with no moving partsFlowking™ siphon

The Flowking™ siphon is able to distribute effluent more efficiently, effectively and economically. Your effluent management system can be improved at a relatively low cost by incorporating an ems Flowking™ Siphon kit into your septic tank. The siphon kit works by filtering the effluent to 1mm TSS (Total Suspended Solids) then automatically flushing the filtered effluent in measured volumes to trenches, LPED fields, sand filters, wet-lands or to further tertiary treatment.

The Flowking™ Siphon is a simple, yet sophisticated passive hydraulic siphon. When used to dose-load effluent field systems, it provides a highly effective and sustainable long-term effluent management solution at a cost lower than other systems.

It does not require power and has no moving parts, making the Flowking™ Siphon ideal for remote, powerless sites.

The unique Flowking™ Siphon Flowking™ siphontechnology stores a specific volume of filtered effluent within the chamber, and then using inherent pressure, it discharges evenly over the entire field. The field is rested between dosing, reducing clogging of the trench system and greatly improving the life of the field.

Where siphon dosing cannot be acheived. i.e. The Flowking™ range includes a low pressure pump dosing solution to achieve the equivalent result.

Siphon Specification - 795kB

Technical Specifications - 3.96 MB

Installation Instructions - 142 kB

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