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Flowking ™ 4000

4000 L capacity 11UV PE underground storage tank. This size can be used for

  • 4000 L septic tank
  • 4000 L pump chamber
  • 4000 L underground water storage chemical interceptor tank
  • Modulated septic tank system
Specifications: Flowking™ 4000
Height 2000 mm
Width Approx 2900 mm
Weight Approx. 226 KG
Capacity 4000 Litres
Wall Thickness 15 mm
Material IIUV High Density Polyethylene
Suitable Uses Additional Capacity or
Pump/Siphon Chambers
Flowking™ 4000 

The FlowKing range of PE tanks, while being lightweight, are extremely strong and versatile. The lids are screw down and lockable to prevent unauthorized access. If you have remote locations or require multiple pump station installations please give us a call our tanks are excellent.

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