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FlowKing™ Modular Tank System

Flowking™ 1000 - 4000 Range

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4000 + 1000

4000 + 2 x 1000


Treatment Plant


The Flowking™ Septic Tanks are a result of combined effort and lot of discussion.

  • Flowking™ Septic TanksSeptic Tank cleaners love them because they are accessible and easy to clean thoroughly.
  • Regulatory bodies give them the tick because they are built to the 1546 septic tank manufacturing standard.
  • Plumbers and Drainlayers can maximize their time and reduce their costs by picking them up with their van and trailer.
  • Because they are light weight, small diggers can be used to lift and install them.
  • We love them because they have been thought of by us then designed and tested by Industrial Research Ltd (the largest Crown Research Institute in New Zealand).
  • Customers say yes because the access lids lock down and seal preventing toddlers getting in and smell getting out.

As a consequence, the FlowKing™ range successfully meets everyone’s needs while still protecting the environment.

ems - FlowKing™ Modular Tank System - Ease of handling ems - FlowKing™ Modular Tank System - Easy to transport

Ease of handling

Easy to transport

ems - FlowKing™ Modular Tank System - Comparative Wall Thickness ems - FlowKing™ Modular Tank System - Extra ribs for extra strength

15 mm Wall Thickness

Extra ribs for extra strength

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