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ems Products – award-winning environmentally sound

We have achieved a range of award-winning products that are innovative, versatile, strong, and have the flexibility to meet all the requirements of (almost) any septic or effluent management system installation requirement.

Flowking™ Modular Tank System

Flowking™ septic tanks have the ability to be modulated and added to in order to increase capacity and to improve effluent quality.
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ems  - Flowking™ Modular Tank System

ems - Flowking™ Dosing Siphon

Flowking™ Dosing Siphon

The Flowking™ Siphon is a simple, yet sophisticated passive hydraulic siphon. When used to dose-load effluent field systems, it provides a highly effective and sustainable long-term effluent management solution at a cost lower than other systems.
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Septic Tank Outlet Filters

This filter provides maximum protection for your effluent system by ensuring better effluent quality and greatly improving Total Suspended Solid (TSS) and BOD. This outlet filter has the best technology in the industry to provide maximum protection for your effluent system.

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ems - Septic Tank Outlet Filters

ems - On Site Treatment Plant

On Site Treatment Plant

5 Stage wastewater treatment plant at the cutting edge of wastewater technology. Because of its high quality lightweight Polyethylene construction, this system is ideal for remote enviromentally sensitive areas. Ideal for sites that require high quality effluent production and cannot be accessed using traditional heavy concrete equivalents.
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