Controlled Dosing of Effluent to Fields

Why is controlled dosing of effluent to fields better than traditional trickle fed media beds or leach fields? 

Filtered effluent distributed over an area regularly, and in measured amounts, has far more long term viability and is less damaging to the receiving environment than conventional methods of discharging unfiltered effluent into trenches and hoping gravity and good luck will take care of the rest. 

Low Pressure Dosing 

Benefits from low pressure effluent dosing: 

  • Reliable 
  • Flexible – existing effluent disposal systems can be upgraded using LPED 
  • Specific design enables effluent disposal system to be matched with consumer requirements and local soil ability. 
  • Simple and consumer friendly 
  • Low environmental impact with no smell 
  • Can be installed on flat or hilly sites 
  • Excellent value for money 

Septic Tank Outlet Filters 

Primary outlet filters provide maximum protection for your effluent system by ensuring better effluent is distributed.

On Site Treatment Plants – Turning waste into a valuable resource. 

Secondary wastewater treatment plants convert the wastewater from your home into a genuine resource by improving it to a level that enables recycling into surrounding gardens and landscaped areas. 

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