ecotube™ effluent filters

The ecotube™ effluent filter improves the efficiency of your septic tank or wastewater treatment plant in two ways.

It prevents the occurrence of septic tank outlet blockages and extends the life of the disposal area by filtering out solids.

Septic tank effluent typically separates into three layers. The ecotube™ extracts and filters the effluent from the relatively clean middle layer for discharge to the disposal area further minimising blockages.

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You can download the ecotube™ Septic Tank Effluent Filter brochure below for more information.

Key advantages of the ecotube™ effluent filter:

  • Flow area, filter area and aperture size make the ecotube™ one of the best effluent filters available
  • Easily installed or retrofitted – no adaption fittings required
  • Cost efficient
  • Available as a complete unit or as an insert filter
  • Larger ecotube™ available to handle larger commercial or industrial septic tanks.
  • Filtered solids fall back into the septic tank for further treatment - No sump or vault to block with captured solids!
  • 2.5mm filter opening size with low velocity through screens
  • Flow modulation on outlet to reduce surges but still allowing emergency overflow when required
  • Expanded dropper pipe ensures the full surface area of the filter has unimpeded contact with the effluent
  • Adjustable handle and removable filter allows easy cleaning
  • New Zealand designed, patented and manufactured for use with standard New Zealand fittings

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