Effluent Management Systems (EMS) is one of the most trusted and reliable wastewater management companies in New Zealand.

We have 30 Years of practical experience, a willingness to put in the hard yards and a driving desire to seek a better way. Our decisions are rational, sustainable, and always consider the commercial cost.
You, as the client are the beneficiary of this philosophy.


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Why Choose EMS

Quality Guarantee

Producer Statements and as-built drawings should be kept in a safe place for future reference should you ever consider making changes to, or when selling your property.

Service & Maintenance

The Wastewater Treatment Plant on your property is a significant asset that needs to be cared for. Regular servicing by EMS Ltd will ensure optimum efficiency and compliance with the environmental regulations that you may be subject to.

30 Years’ Experience

30 Years’ Experience in any industry speaks for itself.
We design and build effluent management systems tailored to your specific requirements


We offer a range of award-winning products that are innovative, versatile, strong, and have the flexibility to meet most septic or effluent management system requirements.


We design, manufacture and distribute the FlowKing™ range of dosing siphons and modular septic tank systems.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

We manufacture and install FlowKing concrete secondary Wastewater Treatment Plants.


Offer a range of submersible drainage pumps, water pumps, filters, and potable water disinfection systems.


Filters to prevent the occurrence of septic tank outlet blockages and extends the life of the disposal area by filtering out solids.

Environmentally Friendly

We are committed to a clean and healthy future. EMS continually invests back into research to develop and improve our products and technologies.

Quality Workmanship & Projects.Domestic & Commercial

The team’s interest in improving environmental outcomes was the key driver in the search for alternatives to the traditional septic tank.

Experience counts


Omahu Marae emergency housing project commencement

RGF walls complete

Another successful commercial RGF Wastewater Treatment Plant serving a 50 people accommodation facility on a vineyard in Martinborough New Zealand