We design and build effluent management systems tailored to your specific requirements.

What We Do

We Care about your project.

We design and build effluent management systems tailored to your specific requirements

Assist with all levels of regulatory paperwork.

Install septic and wastewater treatment systems to a high standard.

Provide Guarantees, quality assurance, as-built drawings, and producer statements.

Offer 24/7 service and maintenance contracts for your peace of mind.

Specialise in potable water design, storm water, and foul water drainage.

Where we do it

Existing homes, new homes, schools, Maraes, subdivisions, batches, on grid/off grid, camping grounds etc.

Our clients include new and existing rural homeowners, architects, engineers, property developers, restaurants, wineries, Councils, the Department of Conservation, maraes, rural accommodation, and outdoor education centres.


We offer a range of award-winning products that are innovative, versatile, strong, and have the flexibility to meet most septic or effluent management system requirements.

We design, manufacture and distribute the FlowKing™ range of dosing siphons and modular septic tank systems.

We manufacture and install FlowKing concrete secondary Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Offer a range of submersible drainage pumps, water pumps, filters, and potable water disinfection systems.

Septic tank outlet filters.

We are committed to a clean and healthy future.

EMS continually invests back into research to develop and improve our products and technologies.

In 2005 we won an Environmental Award for our Flow Kingsiphon and outstanding care for the natural environment. This desire to improve is part of the fabric of EMS.

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Other Services

Septic and Water systems are major components of property buying and you need to be assured that they are functioning correctly prior to purchase. So call us, we can thoroughly check to ensure both the septic tank and water systems are functioning up to standard or advise accordingly.


We design, manufacture and distribute the FlowKing range of dosing siphons and modular septic tank systems.

FlowKing is manufactured by Solid Products in Palmerston North.

Below are some FlowKing installation instructions and specifications documents.

Select to view – these can also be downloaded for your convenience.

FlowKing Installation Instructions 04.10

FlowKing Siphon Specs

FlowKing concrete Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant Specifications

FlowKing Animation

FlowKing Wastewater Treatment Plant installed

BIOROCK serving public amenities

BIOROCK is ideal for remote locations

A BIOROCK provides a revolutionary, efficient and reliable wastewater treatment solution.

BIOROCK offers a complete range of compact and non-electric residential wastewater treatment plants, from 4 to +200 person systems. BIOROCK power-free Wastewater Treatment Plants offers an ideal solution for residential, domestic wastewater treatment.


The ecotube™ effluent filter improves the efficiency of your septic tank or wastewater treatment plant in two ways.

It prevents the occurrence of septic tank outlet blockages and extends the life of the disposal area by filtering out solids.

Septic tank effluent typically separates into three layers. The ecotube™ extracts and filters the effluent from the relatively clean middle layer for discharge to the disposal area further minimising blockages.

You can download the ecotube™ Septic Tank Effluent Filter brochure below for more information.

ecotube Septic Tank Effluent Filter

How the ecotube effluent filter works


Below are some of our suppliers for the quality pumps that we use. 

Environmentally Friendly

We are committed to a clean and healthy future. EMS continually invests back into research to develop and improve our products and technologies.

Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable and ethical etc, etc. may be clichés and catch phrases  but here at EMS, caring for the environment is an ingrained philosophy. We walk the talk. When you choose an EMS product you are joining the growing number of people who also care – so thank-you – and be sure that will do all we can to provide you with first class advice born from experience, excellent value for money (because we manufacture locally), professional installation (because it is what we do), and ongoing 24/7 support when you need us.

Beachside subdivision served by FlowKing Effluent Management Systems

Beautiful gardens irrigated with high quality recycled wastewater

Gardens irrigated with recycled effluent saves valuable water

Working at Cape Kidnappers


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