Our Work

Some of our excellent projects for you to view


Restoration of Historic tearooms at Haumoana coastal township Hawke’s Bay NZ

nearly ready for distribution pipework

The EMS team constructing a large effluent filter using recycled glass

Second 18000 in place

Installing a Commercial Effluent Management System to serve a 60 PE accommodation facility

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Lightweight FlowKing Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant

From Carpark

No Job Too Small


The benefits of treating and recycling household wastewater


Fantastic for subdivisions and sites lower than council sewer mains

Public Amenities Hastings Council Haumoana HB 6

Public Amenities – Haumoana


Installing 3000m of purple dripline to recycle treated effluent at Cape Kidnappers HB NZ

Converted Hynds system

Installing ECOROCK WWTP Queenstown NZ